Why HTTPS is used ?

HTTPS has been around nearly as long as the Web, but it’s primarily used by sites that handle money—your bank’s website or shopping carts that capture credit card data. Even many sites that do use HTTPS only use it for the portions of their websites that need it—like shopping carts or account pages.

Web security got a shot in the arm last year when the FireSheep network sniffing tool made it easy for anyone to capture your current session’s log-in cookie insecure networks—your local coffeeshop’s hotspot or public WiFi at the library. That prompted a number of large sites to begin offering encrypted versions of their services via HTTPS connections. Continue reading

Lets start with UI Development

Web 2.0 technologies are starting to show their potential behind corporate firewalls, and more companies want to create real business value with Web 2.0. We were shocked to see Google Docs for the first time. It’s amazing that such a complex application can be done so beautifully through the Web. In this three-part series, we’ll show you how to build a Web application like Google Docs using Ajax technology. There are three types of common office documents: text, spreadsheet, and presentation. This series focuses on the presentation format.
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